International transportation

Best Logistika Cargo s.r.o. group of companies performs international vehicular cargo transportation of different complexity. Professional and complex approach, long experience of its employees, as well as the developed logistics base provided a solid track record of a reliable partner for our company.

Our advantages:

All types of motor transport for your cargo delivery.

We provide cargo delivery from Russia into all European countries by Euro Trailers from 3.5 m3 to130 m3, refrigerators, high and low-tonnage motor transport, special cargo vehicles, trucks supplied with permits for dangerous cargo transportation (in compliance with ADR), as well as outsized cargo platforms.

• Cargo transportation geography. We perform export-import transportation between Russia and the European countries:

– Western European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland
– Southern European countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Greece
– Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

• Flexible tariffs. Cargo transportation charges are undoubtedly the main budget item, which is considered by the consigner while selecting the logistics company. We make your transportation costs more efficient due to the exact understanding of tariffs value on every direction.

• Consultations in issues of foreign economic activity and customs clearance. Even if the Consigner orders the cargo delivery on the international direction for the first time, he must be sure that his cargo will be transported in compliance with all rules stipulated for crossing the border, and the accompanying documents will be made in the proper manner. Our knowledge and experience allow to fulfill consultations regarding customs clearance during the cargo delivery planning, ensure checking of all submitted documentation, as well as to perform the customs clearance procedure of the cargo in some cases.

• Cargo consolidation. We are able to provide cargo consolidation, storage, reloading from one vehicle to another at the warehouses of our partners, as we maintain relationships with the logistic companies in CIS countries as well as in Poland, Czechia and Germany.

• Permanent monitoring of motor traffic.
Modern equipment and communication systems, as well as round the clock information of the cargo location availability, allows the Client at any time to get operating data of his cargo shipment and monitor the compliance with the delivery terms.

• Insurance of each consignment. Regardless of the character and the cost of the cargo, we offer to our Clients the insurance services with the coverage “all risks” of every consignment in the separate truck.